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On this page we give you some more information about ink cartridges. We explain to you two types of cartridges: the disposable and the reusable cartridges. 


Disposable cartridges

This is the type that most people know and buy, this cartridges you throw away when they are empty so you buy new ones every time. To find the right cartridges for you printer, you need to know the brand and type of your printer. We offer a very large range of cartridges for all well-known and lesser-known printer brands. 


Reusable cartridges 

When you need to print a lot or often, the cost of purchasing new cartridges for your printer can add up. You can also purchase refill kits to save on those costs. We supply refill kits from brands such as Brother, Canon, Epson, HP and Lexmark. With these refill sets you can refill your cartridges 8 to 10 times, so it is considerably cheaper than if you would always buy new cartridges! 

Each of our refill sets lists which printers the sets are suitable for. In addition, with such a set you not only get the ink, but also the necessary tools for filling your cartridges, such as cleaning liquid and plastic gloves, injection units and any masking stickers and silicone caps. You are also provided with instructions which makes it very easy to refill your ink cartridges yourself. Our refill sets are the most economical way to keep printing!